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Baby - Child Equipment
Baby - Child Equipment
Berisi produk perlengkapan bayi dan anak sehingga dapat memenuhi kebutuhan Anda. Banyak jenis stroller, baby bouncer, botol susu, pemanas susu dan bubur serta perlengkapan lain untuk bayi dan anak Anda.

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Kereta Bayi BUGGY
Kereta Bayi BUGGY

Price: Rp 250,000,-

Suitable for babies aged 1 month to 4 years. The position of the train to the set of bed and sit down.

Weight: 12 kg

Prices do not include postage.

BABY BOUNCER ( bangku bayi) merk IQ Baby

Price: Rp 350,000,-

Baby bench is quite unique, because it can vibrate gently which makes the baby feel comfortable.

Equipped with safety devices in front so the baby does not easily fall forward, ....

Baju Kostum Anak
Baju Kostum Anak

Price: Rp 150.000,-

Child costume consists of a variety of models: Elmo, Tiger, Mickey Mouse, Chip and Del, and Winnie The Pooh

Weight: 500 grams

Prices do not include postage.

Kereta Bayi merk CRACTER
Kereta Bayi merk....

Price: Rp 500,000,-

This stroller suitable for newborns up to toddlers. Very convenient to carry a baby to travel anywhere.

Country of origin: Taiwan

Color: Dark blue

Weight: 17 kg


Kereta Bayi JUNIOR
Kereta Bayi JUNIOR

Price: Rp 450.000,00

Great shape and strong, so it is not easily damaged, seat backrest position can be changed from a sitting to lying.

This stroller can be used from newborn babies until after 5....

Kereta Buggy BABY DOES ( Junior)
Kereta Buggy BABY....

Price: Rp 400.000,00

This baby train its quite simple because it can be folded like a golf stick, easy to carry for traveling along with the your child.

Can be used from newborn infants up to age 4....

Kereta Bayi JUNIOR A218 Roda Tiga
Kereta Bayi JUNIOR....

Price: Rp 700.000,00


Canopy with Window Skylight and Mobile Bag
Toy Tray
Safety Belt
One-touch Folded Knob
3 Position: Sleep, soothing or Sit
Handel bar with Tray Cup

Crown 6 in 1
Crown 6 in 1

Price: Rp 425.000,00

It is suitable for traveling with your baby, or can be used as a choice gift for a friend / colleague you, who gave birth, because it can be used to large.

Functions: ....

BAMBI 2 in 1
BAMBI 2 in 1

Price: Rp 230.000,00

Can be used at home or charged in the car.

When traveling with your baby, milk / porridge will stay warm without having to worry on the jammed traffic conditions.

It is....

PUMPEE Steaming Center
PUMPEE Steaming....

Price: Rp 375.000,00

Function: to heat the milk bottle, sterile bottles, warm baby food, boiled eggs, for squeezing oranges.

Inside was made from stainless, there' s timer at the time you sterile....

IQ Baby 2 in 1 Warmer
IQ Baby 2 in 1....

Price: Rp 200.000,00

Function: to warm the milk and baby food, can be used at home and in cars.

Weight: 2 kg

Prices do not include postage.

Baju Jumper CARTER 5 in 1
Baju Jumper CARTER 5....

Price: Rp 120.000,00

This Jumper import cloth 1 pack contains 5 pieces of clothing with many variant of motifs and colors.

Available sizes M, L, XL.

Weight: 700 grams

Prices do not include....

Bantal Menyusui Bayi
Bantal Menyusui Bayi

Price: Rp 45.000,00

This pillow is used at the time of breast-feeding. By inserted into the mother' s hand.

Babies feel more comfortable when breastfed by the mother.

Motifs: children


JUMPER BABY Tangan....

Price: Rp 55.000,00

This Baby Jumper clothes, can be used by infants aged 6 months to 12 months. Soft cotton material and no heat in the body.

Weight: 200 grams

Prices do not include postage.

JUMPER BABY Tangan....

Price: Rp 90.000,00

These Baby Jumper clothes are very fashionable, closed to toe like using a shoe.

Colors: Blue, pink, yellow

Motifs: children

Weight: 300 grams

Prices do not include....

Baju Kodok Bayi Komplit dgn Topi dan Slaber
Baju Kodok Bayi....

Price: Rp 80.000,00

This Infant Jumper is equipped with a cap and slabber with the same color. Can be used until baby is 1 year old.

Colors: pink, blue, yellow.

Motive: the children.

Weight: ....

CELANA LEGGING untuk bayi usia 0-12 bulan

Price: Rp 40.000,00

Baby leggings pants have various sizes according to the age of the baby. 0 - 3 months, 3-6 months, 6 -12 months.

Price Rp.450.000, - / dozen
Minimum order 6 pcs for retail.



Price: Rp 150.000,00

4 in 1 Baby Food Machine for sterillizer, Warmer, keep warm, citrus juicer. Very practical for travelling with your baby.

Weight: 1 kg

Country of origin: Taiwan

Prices do....

CROWN Baby Care
CROWN Baby Care

Price: Rp 200.000,00

Multifunction Warmer. The function to warm baby milk / porridge when traveling. Can be used at home ( 80W) or charged in the car ( 40W) .

It is suitable for travel with your....

Bottle Steam Sterilizer merk CROWN
Bottle Steam....

Price: Rp 250.000,00

Functions: boiled / sterilized baby milk bottles ( maximum of six bottles) and it can boil an egg.

Colors: Blue and beige.

Suitable for gifts for friends / relationships who....

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